Silver Forest Rowing Club was established in 2011 as a place where people who made a successful career and never rowed before can open the world of rowing for themselves without damaging their health with significant sports efforts but rather enjoy rowing.



  • Have fun when rowing;

  • Create an environment for club members to set and achieve personal goals in rowing which might be: recreation, improving sport shape or even achieving significant sports results;

  • Maintaining good sports shape with the help of rowing and other sports activities;

  • ​Last but not least – have fun with club member’s significant others and families involving them in networking with the club.



Eliseev Vitaly Mikhailovich

Vitaly Mikhailovich


World champion 1977, 1981

Olympic Silver 1980

World championship silver 1982

Great professional with zero tolerance to mistakes and intention to have rest during training. Famous for “Olympic warm-up” usually conducted in winter.



World Rowing Championship Participant

The mega structured coach which give no chance for you to do it wrong. Combine a passion for excellence with a polite communication style.



European Championship Participant

World Cup Finalist


Super passioned rowing experimenter. His experiments on rowing technique and boat adjustments might lead to achieving Moscow championship silver medal just after 2 years of rowing.



Kremlin Rowing

Address: Bolotnaya Embankment, 1, building 1.

This is Historical building of Imperial Yach Club on West end of Bulchug Island.

When you’ll come there, you can recognize Club territory by the high grey fence. If you are getting to the practice by the car, you can leave at the public parking lots at Bersenevskaya Embankment, not far from the Club. Or you can leave your car at the parking lot right next to the Club territory. Entrance to the parking is from Bolotnaya Embankment. Then we will meet you and accompany to the place of practice.

Silver Forest Rowing

Address (reference point on a map): Tamanskaya Street, ownership 1, building 5.

At the first time, we will meet you at the Lukoil gas station (Tamanskaya Street, 5, building 2).

Turn left when you’ll pass Khoroshevskiy bridge and enter the Serebryany Bor Island. Then reach Lukoil gas station (remember we will meet you there for the first time). You will see it on your right hand. Park your car there. There will be a barrier ahead. Pass the barrier and go straight about 400m. By your left hand, you’ll see the transparent mesh fence with a gate. This is the destination point.




Thank you! We will contact you soon!



Since our new members are always experiencing uncertainty, we're here to get you through the first steps.


Q: What do I need to bring with me?


Clothes - imagine you go running: 

  • For warm weather conditions: t-shirt, shorts (or pocketless pants if possible), hat (cap) and sun-protection lotion;

  • If it's raining usually you'll not be able to notice it but a waterproof jacket is better than nothing and will protect you from catching a cold.

Q: Should I be physically strong?


Ideally yes, while it is not mandatory. Good coordination allows a weak rower to beat a strong one.

Q: When training starts and how long will it take?


The first training will take you 2.5 hours (or slightly less) while every following training will take 1,5-2 hours (mostly chatting and laughing).

Usually, we start at around 8 am on Saturdays and Sundays, but regular club members are free to visit rowing base in working days.

Q: Where is the location?

At the first time, we will meet you at the Lukoil gas station (Tamanskaya Street, 5, building 2). Find the location on the map.

Q: Who will be my team members?


On the first training, you will row in a group of experienced rowers (instructors) and newcomers (as you are).

Q: Who are club members?


Initially, the club was created as McKinsey rowing club while evolution brought a lot of other (to McKinsey)  interesting and successful people who found themselves passionate in rowing.